Let me introduce myself, my name is Angelique L. Perry. Originally from New York State, raised by Republican parents. My parents, who were New York State employees, made sure I went to a private Christian school growing up. Summers were lovingly spent with extended family where I learned to hunt and fish as a young girl along with all of the things I needed to become a self sufficient adult. We weren't rich by any means but we knew how to work hard and make a way for ourselves in this great country. In October 2009, I transferred to Orlando, Florida. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to serve in public office. As a little girl I watched my grandparents and my parents serve in our community which inspired me to want to do the same. As an adult living in New York, volunteering was just what you did but I wanted more. My heart was in becoming a public servant working for the people, that opportunity never presented itself. Although I never gave up hope, it wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I found my place in the world. Here in Orlando, Florida I could help on an increasing scale. My career since 2001 was in telecom from sales to account management then on to technical support in more recent years. Working for one of the world's foremost advanced companies, the exposure to technology and government was a marriage most people are not privy to. Additionally my job with this tech company is in fact considered a blue collar job. After my move I was able to quickly get established and ready to help others. My heart has always been with this great country, the United States Of America, with the drive to do my part to keep it great, so I continued to look for ways I could help in the community. My first opportunity to serve was doing photography for a charity named Thank You Veterans Golf . I provided participants who were all veterans with pictures of their team at no charge for digital copies and framed photos at cost, just in time for Christmas. These events I participated in from 2010 to 2013. Since then my focus has been addressing civic education and homeless veterans. Presented with the opportunity to teach civics across Florida and the election process for several years along with helping Floridians register to vote. Additionally as I came across veterans with different needs finding as many resources for those in need as situations presented itself. I've often met with elected officials to find solutions to our communities' needs as well. Volunteered my own time to spend a week in Tallahassee to meet the legislature during session to bring back vital info to our neighborhoods. Throughout the years to this very day whenever possible I help wherever I can. When elected everything I do now will be afforded to more people than ever before. This blue collar mom of Seminole County Florida just wants to do my part to make today better than yesterday. Realizing I can do much more to help was the deciding factor to run for Florida State House of Representative, My beliefs are solid Conservative we must KEEP FLORIDA FREE.

I have a plan and this is how:

1.The Constitution needs to be protected, in order to do that the 2nd amendment must remain intact and shall not be infringed.
I've been an NRA member for years

2. Safety and Security must be a priority, I believe in protecting our first responders not only making sure they are paid well but also protected against groups who want to dismantle what keeps our communities safe

3. Our nation's heroes, Veterans, need more programs in place so they live out their days in success and prosperity

4. Free commerce has always been one of our strengths. Small Business is the key.. There needs to be more opportunities for Local Small businesses to thrive.

5. Our founding fathers designed our great country so that our representatives are the voice of the people. I've never forgotten that. I believe elected officials represent each and every American that their district covers.

There needs to be a clear voice in Tallahassee elected by the people for the people Only together can we make tomorrow better than it is today. Vote for Angelique " Angel" Perry the voice that is clear.. Let's get back to work!!



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